ATF Heavy Transport has a modern fleet of internationally recognised manufacturers of transporters, adapted to carry tractor units, truck chassis, delivery vehicles, and agricultural and construction machinery. ATF's fleet currently consists of 45 trucks equipped with GPS navigation for the transport of heavy and medium-sized vehicles.

Transports of heavy vehicles

ATF Heavy Transport provides services in the field of specialised domestic and international transport. It ensures the safe and secure transport of cargo while meeting all the requirements of traffic safety.

  • Domestic and international transport
  • Loading and unloading of vehicles
  • Transport monitoring with GPS
  • Combined transport
  • Realization of express orders
  • Obtaining appropriate permits
  • Efficient service of qualified personnel
  • Obtaining additional equipment of transported vehicles

Transport of agricultural and construction machinery

ATF Heavy Transport has a fleet of transporters adapted to transport construction and agricultural machinery. ATF Heavy Transport provides services for the transport of agricultural machinery, i.e. combine harvesters, tractors, seeders, sprayers, ploughs, and the transport of construction equipment such as: excavators with caterpillar tracks, wheeled excavators, backhoe loaders and loaders.

Transport of bus chasis

ATF Heavy Transport transports chassis for buses. Since 2009 we have been working with leading suppliers of buses in Europe.

Loading chassis onto transporters can increase the load coefficient of the individual transport. Loaded chassis do not require their components to be disassembled. The chassis are delivered complete and fully functioning.

Transport of unusual loads

ATF Heavy Transport has a modern fleet adapted for the transportation of boats and other unusual loads. It transports to anywhere in Europe though European Union countries make up the main destination.

When transporting unusual cargo, ATF Heavy Transport ensures orders carried out in accordance with the expectations of customers looking for specialised transportation. Our highly qualified staff prepares and works out all the elements in the logistics chain. This specialised type of transport requires the use of individual solutions and only the proper synchronisation of the process of preparing and implementing transport achieves success - the timely delivery of cargo.

Storage areas

ATF Heavy Transport 12 square hectares available for rent. Vehicles can easily be manoeuvred and the location is convenient.

There is ideal access from the Warsaw's S8 bypass for trucks. The area is reinforced, vehicles can be easily manoeuvred, there is security 24 hours a day, and access to a vehicle wash. You can rent a small or large area.